This is not a manned website 24/7, just for signposting appropriate support for you. Please follow the links provided.


About Hospitality Health

It is a Scottish charity, formed in August of 2018 to support staff in the amazing world of Hospitality. It is clear that for several years the Industry has become more stressful for an extremely hard working management and staff.

The trustees decided it was time to act and help those who are in need of support, by providing wellbeing advice and signposting organisations that can help. We hope we can make a difference, even to a few individuals.

In addition, we are promoting an Employee Assistance Programme, to make the employer a better employer for staff to choose work with, this we are sure will assist in reducing recruitment and increase retention within the organisation.

Purpose – Hospitality Health was formed to support the wellbeing of staff and students in the Hospitality Industry.

Mission – To provide support to individuals within the Hospitality Industry in areas of mental health, addiction and well being.

Vision – Our Vision is to join the areas of support through a one stop shop, 2 clicks, allowing individuals to improve and maintain better health.

Values – Using our knowledge, skills and understanding, we will support members of the Hospitality Industry in becoming more healthy

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