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Roadmap to recovery

Roadmap to recovery Looking back on my many years of blog writing, you can see when times are good and when they’re more…well, challenging. You know you don’t have too much to worry about when you can write 500+ words on matcha, kefir and kombucha. Yet for over a year

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Run the dishwasher TWICE

Run the dishwasher twice I’ve been a passionate advocatefor supportingmental health in hospitalityfor a few years now. In particular, about how the industry’s often long, demanding and stressful hours can lead to addiction, anxiety and depression. Then about what we, as catering and hospitality business owners and managers, can do to

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At last, back to work, AGAIN

At last, back to work, AGAIN Well here we go, back to work after a long break, here we go again after a second or even third lockdown. The staff will be coming back to work anxious, stressed, and worried about so many things. How do you start telling them

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Trauma in the kitchen, about time for some compassion

I remember my days working within hospitality so fondly, but one thing I never enjoyed and will never quite understand, is the aggression within the kitchen. I was always struck by the respect a head chef would just expect to get because of their title. I suppose this happens in

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We are NOT “fine”. Look after yourself.

Can we stop acting like this is okay? Can we stop acting like nothing has changed? Can we stop thinking that we should just carry on as normal? Please. I read a headline recently that said we are the “this is fine” meme come to life, and I really think

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Keep safe… but keep your sparkle

Like many (all?) others in the hospitality sector, my businesses have been hit hard by the lockdown. There’s no denying it – these are stressful, anxiety-ridden times indeed. Wondering where the next penny is coming from while ensuring staff are paid and reassured. We are mostly day-to-day cash businesses without

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Back to work, but not as you know it!

Back to work, but not as you know it! We have seen the reopening and in some cases the re-closing of the hospitality sector in Scotland. Quite a momentous period, following a full closure of about 4 months. It is however becoming clear that not all businesses are able to

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