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What our Hospitality Heroes are saying

Addiction presentation

Really appreciate Andy from Hospitality Action (Ark Foundation) coming to College- it was an amazing talk, very informative and gave a positive role model to look up to that has been at rock bottom and got back on top. The guy was very nice, and took the time to talk to me after, which was really good. And it gave me a new way at looking at what is an addiction, even when you don’t think it is. Overall I enjoyed it and would attend it again. Thanks for organising.


Student, City of Glasgow College

Tough times

I experienced tough times a number of years ago when I was taking drugs to get me through the day. I am now drug free and would not be here if it was not for a very supportive family. It is so important to talk to others about your issues.

Barman / Food server

Rock bottom

I was heavily involved in gambling several years ago. I was at rock bottom and without the support of a few close friends who listened and supported me, things would be so much worse. I now do not gamble at all.

Front Office manager


I was too macho to speak to anyone, or admit that I had mental health problems. Alcohol and drugs too normal, too accepted in this industry. If there was a charity out there, my family life would not have suffered. The stigma, especially for men not speaking up, must be broken. It is the responsibility of the employers too, to support their staff within this industry.


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