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It will include supportive positive posts and advice as well as video clips to provide resilience and general tips for coping with tough times ahead.

Those working from home report struggling to ‘turn off’ after work, feeling lonely and staying motivated. For industries where home working is infeasible, such as hospitality, due to closures, people are sent home anyway. The challenges increase, because they might not only be suffering pay cuts, but will also be losing a sense of purpose and the collaborative, interactive spirit of their work. Many people in social industries simply aren’t naturally suited to working remotely or in enforced isolation and will need extra-special care in these challenging times.

So, what should leaders be doing to lessen the negative impacts of enforced home working and giving everyone the best possible chances of coming out of Covid-19 as mentally healthy as possible? – we will be posting tips to support you.

  1. Follow this link This is a great support.

We cannot control the virus itself, but we can take steps to reduce our risk. 

We cannot control other people’s actions, but there are things we can do to protect ourselves. 

We cannot control the media or the amount of coverage given to the pandemic, but we can control how much we watch or pay attention to. 

We cannot control governments, but we can choose to listen and adhere to the evidence-based advice given.

There is still much we CAN do to help maintain and improve our own mental health and wellbeing.

Hospitality Health support slides and commentary

Series 1 Stress

Series 2 Personal Development

Series 3 Something to think about

Series 4 Meditation

Beach meditation – follow the link below

Forest meditation  – follow the link below


1 Grow your Mind  (Click to download)

2. Invest in positive people (Click to download)

3. Regulate negative emotions(Click to download)

 4 Achieve balance (Click to download)

 5 Feed positive emotions (click to download)

6 – Foster self care (click to download)

7 – Elevate hope (click to download)

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    I experienced tough times a number of years ago when I was taking drugs to get me through the day. I am now drug free and would not be here if it was not for a very supportive family. It is so important to talk to others about your issues.


    Barman / Food server

    I was heavily involved in gambling several years ago. I was at rock bottom and without the support of a few close friends who listened and supported me, things would be so much worse. I now do not gamble at all.


    Front Office manager

    I was too macho to speak to anyone, or admit that I had mental health problems. Alcohol and drugs too normal, too accepted in this industry. If there was a charity out there, my family life would not have suffered. The stigma, especially for men not speaking up, must be broken. It is the responsibility of the employers too, to support their staff within this industry.



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