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Brian Maule

Chef Patron, Le Chardon d'Or

What was your favourite subject at school? 

P.E, I was never very good at school!

What was your first job?

Paper round while at school, then a 3 week placement through Home Economics at school led me to an apprenticeship at Skean Dhu, Irvine

Which is your favourite restaurant /hotel?

Le Gavroche, Mayfair, London

How do you inspire your team?

I lead by example; I don’t ask anyone to do what I wouldn’t do myself

Which person in hospitality have you most admired / inspired you?

Albert & Michel Roux Sr. and of course Michel Roux Jr.  They totally changed the gastronomy world and I was lucky enough to be part of their journey for such a long time

How do you manage your stress levels?

 I try to keep fit when I can, golf is my main de-stressor at the moment

Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook – and why?

I am not good at any!

If you had not gone into hospitality, where do you think you would be now?

It’s actually never been a thought of mine, and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing as a job

What did you do on your last days off?

I Managed to get a round of golf in and then caught up with friends in the local pub.

What do you do to relax, to support your wellbeing?                                     

Mainly rest, lots of walks with Susan and the dogs, with a few games of golf – its’ good to get out in the fresh air after a busy week at work!