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Katie McIntyre


A founder Trustee, Katie worked in hospitality from the age of 16, for about nine years.

She worked in various front of house roles including server, bar manager and receptionist/duty manager of a hotel. She enjoyed working in the industry and getting to meet new people was her favourite part. Katie’s career however is psychology. She studied an undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Glasgow followed by a Masters degree at Glasgow Caledonian University in Forensic Psychology. She currently works as a Trainee Forensic Psychologist in a secure care facility for children and adolescents and is due to embark on her training to become a registered and chartered Forensic Psychologist. Katie has always been interested in mental health, and particularly the impact this has on an individual’s quality of life.

As Treasurer for Hospitality Health, she hopes to contribute to the under resourced area of supporting those in the hospitality industry who endure difficulties with mental health, substance misuse and gambling.