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Marc Crothall MBE

CEO, Scottish Tourism Alliance

  • What was your favourite subject at school? Statistics
  • What was your first job? Had several on the go at the same time worked as a waiter in French restaurant, did the odd milk round and worked behind the bar in a nightclub after my restaurant shift at weekends
  • Which is your favourite restaurant /hotel? La Petite Ferme in Franschhoek South Africa
  • How do you inspire your team – I do my best to inspire my team by being there for them all the time, taking an interest in what’s important to them, and doing my best to make sure they have a laugh and enjoy what they do. Always including them in making important decisions, do my best to never forget to personally thank them for what they do, reminding them of how good they are and making them feel valued
  • Which person in hospitality have you most admired / inspired you?- There are many who I have had the fortune to work with over my 40+ years working in leisure and hospitality industry but given the last 18months, it is my STA board colleagues who despite the immense strain on their own business have continued to stay strong, looked for opportunities, never given up, importantly kept their sense of humor and have always been there for myself and my team.
  • How do you manage your stress levels? I often say that I work at my best when under pressure, but I do know I do need to stop and take time out to regroup – so I always remind myself that the world will not stop if I take 5 to switch off to talk to my friends and family and I do!
  • Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook – and why? I use Twitter for business because you can message in a short, quick direct way and retweets are easy ways of sharing news too- I use FB less and less as there are now far too many adverts. WhatsApp has taken over my family & friend message but for sharing STA news FB & LinkedIn remain good platforms. I don’t do Instagram
  • If you had not gone into hospitality, where do you
    think you would be now?
    Without question it would have been something to do with Travel or Sport
  • What did you do on your last days off? Just back from a short staycation in East Lothian where I visited the National Museum of Flight with my wife and 13yr old twins Alex & Mia– Also caught up with my eldest son Jamie (GM of Tigerlily ) and his wife Monique for a superb breakfast experience in Dishoom Edinburgh, before doing some retail therapy in the new St James’ Quarter, lots of very long walks with the dog!
  • What do you do to relax, to support your wellbeing? Try and start my day with an early morning swim, always go for at least one long walk with my wife Adele and our dog Loki, listen to music, always try, and eat together as family and talk!