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Paul Wilson

Owner Director, Xpress recruitment

  • What was your favourite subject at school?


  • What was your first job?

Delivered milk in the morning ! Funny it is coming back I should have stuck at it

  • Which is your favourite restaurant /hotel?

No real favorite as so many new and exciting restaurant and hotels opening up and I like new experiences and variety

  • How do you inspire your team?

Hopefully, via an Open and Honest approach through ; That’s your job take ownership and be proud of your achievements and input

  • Which person in hospitality have you most admired / inspired you?

Have not really had a single person that I have truly admired ; I am very open and admire everyone I meet in whatever they do and the contribution they make or do not make to hospitality and that inspires me keep learning and play my part in being better in what I do

  • How do you manage your stress levels?

Count to 10 and think about going on holiday

  • Instagram, Twitter or Facebook – and why?

Not sure of any of them ; However, I try to at least understand how they all work

  • If you had not gone into hospitality, where do you
    think you would be now?

Perhaps living abroad

  • What did you do on your last days off?

Went to Ikea

  • What do you do to relax, to support your wellbeing?

Bake Bread, cakes and scones