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Look back at LOCKDOWN

Looking back at LOCKDOWN

Enjoy the beauty

It was a really strange time for us all, even for those of us who would normally say that we had good mental health. The ‘Lockdown’ and now “Local Lockdowns” affect us all, no surprise. Being in the same building with the same people for nearly 10 weeks, and perhaps a further 2, or 4 weeks – no other real outside socialisation, other than the virtual Zoom family quiz or the function of going shopping (a great opportunity to get out I hear you say!). I have been talking to parents of young children, the home schooling was no fun, keeping those under school age entertained became a real challenge and almost a chore, when it used to be the best time of the week. They want to get back to the building in which they work, get some adult conversation and normality back into their life.

For those in hospitality it has been a really worrying time, being furloughed is very supportive, allowing the employer to ensure staff are receiving income, while the business is closed. The reality in many cases is this is just putting off the inevitable, delaying the news of becoming unemployed. This is creating a huge amount of anxiety among hospitality staff. This anxiety is a trauma, that requires to be treated and supported, as any other visible trauma would be.

This is a time that allows us to highlight what support is out there for those who may require it, and where to find it. This is a time for us to stop, reflect and refocus our minds. Take time out from a hectic day. Walk and admire the beauty of nature, the colours are brilliant right now, the colours of Autumn begin to change from orange to brown. Have a walk with your favourite music playing in your headphones – as loud as you want! You will feel energised, smile at those you pass, they will smile back!

3 Secrets of resilient people
1. “ACCEPT” it, you know that you cannot control what has happened, ACCEPT the things you cannot change, and focus on the things you can!
2. Choose and “HUNT THE GOOD”– find things you can be grateful for. Switch the focus of your attention to think of good things. Pin positive signs on the wall
3. Consider is this going to” HELP” or “HARM” me, always choose “HELP”, you can control that. Be kind to yourself

The 5 steps of WELLBEING
1. Be CONNECTED, to friends, family, community
2. Try LEARNING something new, cooking, musical instrument, repair things
3. GIVE back – be KIND help someone else. A smile, thank you, volunteering.
4. Take NOTICE, nature is all around, stop and look, colours and sounds, be in the NOW.
5. Keep ACTIVE, have a routine, walk, cycle, run, walk a dog – no need for the gym.

Gordon McIntyre, is the Associate Dean for Hospitality & Tourism at City of Glasgow College and Chair of Hospitality Health which is a Scottish charity, formed in August of 2018 to support staff and students in the amazing world of Hospitality. It is clear that for several years the Industry has become more stressful for an extremely hard working management and staff.