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“What’s in a name”?

“What’s in a name”?

I remember being with my dad when I was young, and every time he picked up the phone to answer a call, he greeted the person by their name. When we would go to eat somewhere, he would ask people their names to say thank you. Now, when I go out to eat or have a drink, I always call the team members by their names.

How simple is that?

It feels like such a personal way to address someone that you may not know. It is amazing how good you can make them feel by using their name. People love it. They instantly smile. It is like something changes in their behaviour and they seem happier. Using a person’s name is the greatest connection to their identity and individuality.

It is now very much normal practice for staff to wear name badges in the world of hospitality. If a guest sees you wearing a name badge, they have the easiest and most personal way to connect with you. They do their jobs more effectively and you receive much better service.

We have all worked with GMs who appreciate how important it is to know their team. They are the ones you remember!

Wearing a name badge makes every interaction feel more personal. It makes you more approachable. It makes opening a conversation easier. People want to feel cared for and treated as individuals.

The famous quote from Maya Angelou is “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Using someone’s name helps achieve this and makes that person feel valued.

Even nowadays, as we become more and more technological, we can still make interactions feel personal by using people’s names.

Try it, whether you’re a guest or an employee, use people’s names. See how their expression changes when you ask for something. See how you feel connected. Believe me, it will have a positive outcome on EVERYONE’S mental health.

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