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It’s that time of year again – YES – IT’S HOLIDAY SEASON.

You’ll be starting to pack bags and look forward to the fun, the relaxation, good food and socialising with old and new friends. However, before you embark on this wonderful experience I want you to think about this:


It is we, in our working lives, who make THE MAGIC happen for others. We do this on a daily basis normally, but during the summer season we become SUPERHEROES.    WHY?

We, like everyone else, have our own families and friends and naturally want to spend time with them. As you know this means that managers are faced with the challenging task of maintaining the normal level of service while being understaffed. The only way this can be achieved is through us, the superheroes. We who are prepared to work double shifts, who fill in different positions, and who are prepared to be flexible when needed. This is crucial, as the managers are challenged with creating rotas which take account of business needs while addressing the needs of staff out with their working day.


We knew exactly what we signed up for when we joined this industry and, exhausting though it may be, it is totally rewarding – maybe even the best job in the world! Just think about it, we are able to bring people together and create amazing memories. That’s what we’re here for and it takes our superpower to make it work. So while people are relaxing in their gorgeous hotel rooms they are unaware of the massive efficient machine working in the background to ensure their experience is magical and memorable.

Another part of the magic is the people around us.  There is now time to relax and engage at a leisurely pace with friends and family. Connections are made with new friends and people feel the warmth from others and also make others feel good about themselves. We play a central role in creating an environment and an ethos in which these connections will flourish.

I hope I have succeeded in making you aware of your superpower [which you probably take for granted] and of the crucially important role we all play in making the magic happen for others’ However This holiday season I want you to have your own slice of the magic and to recharge your batteries ready to support your team on your return.

Gordon McIntyre

Founding Chairman

Hospitality Health

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